Massage can improve post-delivery recovery and health for many women. It supplements the guidance and advice of your medical care provider, to support the transition to your new maternal role. A trained therapist will assist you with physical, emotional and educational support as you find the joy of motherhood.  Massage also Increases milk production, decrease fluid and edema, relief of headaches, relief of joint and muscle fatigue and C-section scar recovery.

The side-lying position can be comfortable as well as in a semi reclined position.

You may start receiving postpartum massages as soon as you feel comfortable and with your Doctors consent.  Vaginal delivery day one and caesarean section day two in the hospital.  Postpartum recovery massage can be given up to one year after delivery.

The labor process is very exciting, happy, stressful, and anxious time.  Massage therapy during the labor process can release of endorphins, release pain reducing hormones and can help the mother focus and breath during the process.