Meditation may help you manage pain by focusing on a certain object, picture or sound. By concentrating on a one main thing, you can help your mind think about something other than pain.

To use meditation:

  • Focus on a picture or image. Or focus on a certain word and repeat it over and over to yourself.
  • Don’t worry if you become distracted. Just try bringing your mind back to that focal point.
  • Guided imagery (sometimes called daydreaming with a purpose) is picturing yourself in a comfortable, relaxing place, like in a park or at the beach. When you feel labor pain, you let your mind wander to that relaxing place. When using guided imagery:
  • Focus on the details of the place you’re imagining—the air, the smell, the sounds, etc.
  • Let your body relax as your mind takes you to the place.
  • Play some soft music or other sounds that may help you feel like you’re really there.

Source – March of Dimes