Labor Doula Services

A labor doula provides coaching and support for the expectant person and their partner during the prenatal/birth/postpartum to create your desired birth experience. With resources such as evidence based research, comfort measures, massage therapy, educational resources, labor positions, Spinning Babies© techniques, and various positions during labor. Inquire about in hospital and private practice services.


Labor Support Massage

Enables mom to focus and relax.
Relieves tension.
Reduces pain cycle.

Maximum 4 hours.

Reflexology for Labor and Delivery

Massage and reflexology are effective tools to use during the labor and delivery. Expectant parents will learn specific techniques to provide a safe, comfortable, relaxing experience during labor. Massage therapy relaxes the muscles, interrupts the pain cycle, releases endorphins, deep relaxation. The reflexology points that are connected directly to the internal organs and are stimulated which brings balance allowing the organ to function optimally. Massage and reflexology combined contributes to a relaxed and shortened labor.
This class is four hours, demonstration, and handouts given.

“Donna does amazing work with getting the patients to relax
and help them cope with the pain of labor. “
April H. RNC L&D
“We were so happy to have Donna with us at our birth!”
Leea and Jim A.