HypnoBirthing© Mongan Method

Created by Marie Mongan, who has devoted her career to working with women to educate  about the essentials for all families to believe in a calm, safe and peaceful environment to birth her baby.  Mother and baby’s bodies work together in harmony. relaxation/self-hypnosis techniques allows the birthing person to release fears and anxiety in the upcoming birth.  The birthing person and their partner uses deep breathing, visualization, comfort measures and mother’s can train their brain by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system to provide a gentle, calm and comfortable birthing experience.  In addition, parents are educated on the benefits of healthy eating, and the postpartum period.  This class is five weeks, for two and a half hours. A copy of the book HypnoBirthing© The Mongan Method, a parent workbook, and a downloadable relaxation track will be provided.

Birth Mindset

Expectant parents use creativity, imagination through meditation, conscious breath exercises, and comfort measures, the partner role, and the importance of staying low risk.to support their upcoming birth.  This fun and interactive class is created to help couples relax and enjoy preparing for the birth of their little one.  This class is six hours, handouts, and homework assignments given.for expectant parents to prepare for birth.

Birth Meditation

A wonderful way to calm oneself and improve focus during labor through mindfulness practices.

Perinatal Health LLC wants you to feel safe attending classes.  We have some general guidelines in place to ensure safety for the student and community as we happily gather again for in-person classes.

  • Perinatal health will comply with all local public health guidelines in place at the time of class
  • Perinatal Health will require proof of vaccination against Covid-19 for all students and practitioners.
  • Students will be asked to comply with a brief health screening before entering the classroom
  • Persons with confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19 will not be admitted to the classroom and / or asked to leave and quarantine
  • We reserve the right to implement for further measures to ensure the safety of our staff and participants
  • We reserve the right in our discretion to cancel any event, even if not required by local or national public health authorities
“Donna does amazing work with getting the patients to relax
and help them cope with the pain of labor. “
April H. RNC L&D
“We were so happy to have Donna with us at our birth!”
Leea and Jim A.