Baby Support

Baby Massage + Reflexology

Soothe and calm your baby with gentle massage and reflexology techniques.  Promotes a routine for bedtime, helps with digestive discomforts, fussiness, and encourages bonding. Parents learn non verbal communication and cures from the little one. Ages 0-6 months.

Classes 5 week series

*All classes are price per couple-(pregnant person and partner)

Baby Yoga

Parents and their little one can practice yoga together in a fun and relaxing environment together.  Benefits to mom strengthening the post-partum body, and tone the pelvic floor and abdomen.  Babies 0- 3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months.  Developmentally  appropriate skill building  activities, promote rolling, sitting, crawling..  Movement, song, and storytime will make this an enjoyable experience for all! 

Classes 6 week series.

Perinatal Health LLC wants you to feel safe attending classes.  We have some general guidelines in place to ensure safety for the student and community as we happily gather again for in-person classes.

  • Perinatal health will comply with all local public health guidelines in place at the time of class
  • Perinatal Health will require proof of vaccination against Covid-19 for all students and practitioners.
  • Students will be asked to comply with a bref health screening before entering the classroom
  • Persons with confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19 will not be admitted to the classroom and / or asked to leave and quarantine
  • We reserve the right to implement for further measures to ensure the safety of our staff and participants
  • We reserve the right in our discretion to cancel any event, even if not required by local or national public health authorities

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga prepares the body for the birth experience, as well as during the labor process. Through movement, the body works with the labor process to create a rhythmic birth experience with yoga postures.

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