Pregnancy Support

Baby Massage + Reflexology

Soothe and calm your baby with gentle massage and reflexology techniques.  Promotes a routine for bedtime, helps with digestive discomforts, fussiness, and encourages bonding. Parents learn non verbal communication and cures from the little one. Ages 0-6 months.

Classes 5 week series

*All classes are price per couple-(pregnant person and partner)

Massage + Reflexology for Labor and Delivery

Massage and reflexology are effective tools to use during the labor and delivery.  Expectant parents will learn specific techniques to provide a safe, comfortable, relaxing experience during labor.  Massage therapy relaxes the muscles, interrupts the pain cycle, releases endorphins, deep relaxation.  The reflexology points that are connected directly to the internal organs and are stimulated which brings balance allowing the organ to function optimally. Massage and reflexology combined contributes to a relaxed  and shortened labor. This class is four hours, demonstration, and handouts given.

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