donna holding a newborn

Meet Donna

Donna has dedicated the past 35 years to helping women and their families. She started her career in Labor and Delivery at Virtua Hospital assisting women through their birth journey and it has grown into a love of being a birthworker.

Donna has a passion for supporting pregnant women throughout the entire pregnancy, during labor, and the postpartum period to help families adjust to the new addition to the family!

Donna is a certified labor doula, childbirth educator, licensed massage therapist, reflexologist and certified prenatal yoga teacher. Donna has been focusing her time teaching new parents by integrating instinctive and traditional childbirth education to form a way to help parents through childbirth. She believes that by changing your mindset and having a mindfulness based approach, you will be able to manage your labor and birth with ease.

As an educator and birthworker I can teach you many different ways to accomplish supporting your birth your way. You don’t have control of the birth process, but can have control of your breath, comfort measures, and movement.

I am proud to be a part of the Haddonfield community!

Headshot of Donna Favilla

Certified Labor Doula, CAPPA, BWI

Mindfulness Based Birth Instructor, University of Massachusetts

Certified Childbirth Educator, PCE

Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor

NJ Licensed Perinatal Massage Therapist and Educator, NCBTMB

Perinatal Health offers childbirth education for both parents, customized labor and family support. Donna is dedicated to creating a unique bond with the expectant couple and has committed herself to all of the pregnant women she supports. Birth is a spiritual, physical, and emotional practice. Our mission is to honor one mother, one birth, one baby at a time.